‘Woke Daddy’ Wants to Teach You How to Raise Your Kids Without Toxic Masculinity

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By Emily Zanotti | 10:19 pm, June 18, 2017
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As you wipe up the last vestiges of your Father’s Day barbecue dinner, after having spent the day doing “Dad” things like fishing, golfing, shooting, and scratching, “Woke Daddy”  is firing up his blog to take on your toxic masculinity.

That’s right, Ludo Gabriele, better known as “Woke Daddy,” is an Internet-based writer who is hell bent on changing the way you think about paternalism. He pens post after post chastising men for not adopting the tenets of feminism, and for playing into the traditional “male” role—a practice that he says leads to a world full of “toxic masculinity.”

The blog, which employs several other writers, also delves into other aspects of social justice-ism, encouraging men to be vegans (Jay-Z does it!), give up alcohol, listen to TED talks, and cut down on their carbon footprint. If you can feel guilty about it as a progressive, chances are Woke Daddy is writing about it.

It also gets preachy on subjects that aren’t normally fodder for Dad blogs, like breastfeeding (he’s all for it, even if he’s physically incapable of doing it; cow’s milk isn’t vegan).

Gabriele began the blog after realizing that he felt uncomfortable being the family breadwinner, because it cast him in a traditional “father role.” His posts call on his fellow fathers to cast off the masculine shackles and embrace their sensitive side.

One of his first posts is entitled “coming out as a male feminist and why you should do it too.” He says his mission is “to break many destructive stereotypes around manhood and in society in general.”

“[Men] don’t see feminism as advocating for equal rights and opportunities for both genders,” Gabriele told Broadly. Men don’t show their emotions because they perceive emotion as vulnerability and vulnerability as feminine, he says.

Since gender is just a social construct, obviously Gabriele is a little behind the times. After all, how can you be male or female or masculine or feminine without at least implicitly assigning gender? He’s going to have to answer to modern social justice warriors for that oversight on his journey to make everyone just as woke as he is.