Woke Chic: Our Guide to the Most Fashion-Forward Safety Pins

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By Heat Street Staff | 8:38 am, November 18, 2016

Just because you’re woke doesn’t mean you’ve got to look cheap.

After Election Day, voters distraught over Trump and the so-called alt-right began wearing safety pins to show their solidarity with those who may be oppressed.

(Nevermind that, as Nahema Marchal points out, such signaling “does absolutely nothing to protect immigrants, refugees or any vulnerable person from fearmongering,” and it also may be a 4Chan prank…)

But safety pins don’t have to be shabby. And with the holidays just around the corner, here’s our guide to the best and blingiest in SJW attire.
Julien David Safety Pin Earring

This one—and we do mean one, as in you get one single earring and not a pair—is a steal at $320. It’s made out of silver, not that you’d immediately know it’s actually a rare metal, because the ruthenium coating gives it “a dark, moody finish.”

$320 at Nordstrom


Tiffany’s Safety Pin Key Ring

Tiffany’s itself is no longer selling this item—but with the Trump Tower traffic these days, who’d want to go there! Instead, buy it on eBay for the discount price of $678.



Versace Safety Pin Brooch

This brooch is socially just and extra-hipster, a vintage model dating back to the 1980s. (You’ll feel like you’ve time traveled to an idyllic era when you may have been able to stop Trump.) It also features the original Nasty Woman: Medusa herself. Totally worth $395.



Gucci New Ace Safety Pin Lace Up Low Top Sneakers

Forgot to cast a ballot on Nov. 8? Now you can vote with your feet! These leather Gucci sneakers, available at Bloomingdale’s for $695, sport a crystal safety pin appliqué. They were made in Italy, but nobody needs to know.


 Mara Hotung Safety Pin Brooch

This brooch is a bit pricey at $1,710, but it’s also bedazzled with light blue Swiss Topaz and crafted out of 18 karat white gold (only 6 karats away from ABSOLUTELY PURE GOLD). When you’re finished showing how much you care, you can gift it to the next generation because it is “the perfect Christening gift,” as Jewel Street notes.

$1,710 at Jewel Street