Why Republicans Are Falling So Hard for Gay Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos

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By John-Pierre Maeli | 7:06 am, October 25, 2016

Milo is the best thing that ever happened to heterosexual Republicans.

And by “best,” I mean “fabulous.”

Milo’s brand of right-wing homosexuality has got straight Republicans clamoring for more. Only Milo could make the party of anti-gay-marriage, #straightpride, and the alt-right (who are no friends of LGBTs) fall in love with a flaming homosexual.

Take this description of his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” on Red Alert Politics…

Yiannopoulos delivers like no conservative before; part standup, part lecture, and mixed with a little drag makes his speech one of the most exciting events coming to campuses across the country.

Did anyone expect a right-wing site to describe a drag event as “exciting”? Did anyone expect the right wing to accept and welcome a flaming gay into their ranks? Did anyone expect Republicans to enjoy it?

Probably not. But it’s happening.

To an outside observer, this might look like the work of a “gay-agenda” sleeper agent making the GOP safe for homosexuality. During the Republican National Convention, Milo proposed that the right, not the left, is the new place for the LGBT movement. “Many Trump supporters and Republicans have their challenges with the gay thing,” Milo admitted. But at least Republicans aren’t trying to kill gays like Islam is.

Milo’s proposed gay-right alliance is one of survival against Islam, he says. He exhorted the audience not to cower before Islam, saying: “Die on your feet or live on your knees.” To which, Milo then offered up a “that’s what he said” quip about his sexual life.

“Well, I do live on my knees. That’s all right. As long as I’m not facing Mecca, I’m all right with you guys. I mean, I might have been by accident. I don’t think God would mind, I was calling his name the whole time. I’m sorry, that was too far. Don’t encourage me.”

A coworker of mine once told me that she bought ghetto-themed Trump t-shirts for her family to wear at a local Trump rally. Her family is black and they support Trump, so, of course, the rednecks at the rally loved their pro-Trump shirts.

Why? Because they were the token pro-Trump black people. They reinforced (unconsciously or not) these rednecks’ beliefs that they aren’t racists and that Trump attracts minority support.

The same can be said for Milo’s right-wing fandom. He’s the token gay reinforcing right-wing beliefs.

The right isn’t homophobic; they’ve got Milo. The right isn’t wrong about left-wing victimization, political correctness, etc; Milo’s gay and agrees with them.

And Milo plays to these beliefs.

For starters, his writing is filled with it. If his headlines, like “How Donald Trump Made It Cool to Be Gay Again,” weren’t proof enough, the content of said pieces will. “Gays are no longer trapped under the thumb of the Democratic Party. And some of us are discovering how much fun it can be rubbing that in.”

Milo, in the same piece, speaks to ostracized Trump supporters with a play on “coming out.”

“Many gay people are afraid of coming out as a Trump supporter, or a conservative, and some have even claimed it to be a harder feat than coming out as a homosexual.”

Then he returns to the politically incorrect line that so many Republicans love. “The fun and creative ones like me and Lucian (Lucian Wintrich, whose “Twinks for Trump” photographs feature good-looking gay boys wearing Make America Great Again hats) are rebelling against the language policing and authoritarianism of the modern Left and feeling ourselves drawn to the trollish chaos of the Republican frontrunner.”

In another piece titled “Trannies for Trump: Meet the Donald’s Genderbending Supporters,” Milo again plays on the LGBT-Trump supporters’ “coming out” stories.

“Not only are they [transgenders] women trapped in men’s bodies, but they are Trump supporters trapped in an LGBT culture fanatically opposed to him.”

Pro-Trump transgenders are, according to Milo, “the ultimate rebel minorities,” sending “left-wingers into a tailspin” because of their anti-PC and victimhood mentality.

His other pieces further promote this right-wing view. “Dear Straight People: I’m Officially Giving You Permission to Say Gay, Faggot and Queer” is a rant on how leftists have removed the fun from numerous homosexual words and insults, like “faggot.”

Perhaps Now, Gays Will Finally Stop Voting Democrat” argues that gays should ditch their support of Obama because of his ban of microbeads, a “cosmetic additive” used in many grooming products. Somehow he makes it seem like Obama is blaming gays for all the fish that die because of microbeads.

And then there’s “Dear Gov Pence: Please Come to Our Big Gay Party for Trump!” which despite recognizing Pence’s anti-LGBT stances, exhorts Trump as “the most LGBT-friendly presidential candidate the GOP has ever fielded.”

It’s easy to assume that Milo’s influence over Republicans is a sign of changing attitudes toward LGBTs, but that’s not the case. The fact is this; Milo isn’t normalizing homosexuality for the right, he’s merely a sign of what the New Right values and wants.

The New Right is a group of right-wingers that include millennials (and all the right-wing organizations that mobilize them), the alt-right, and even many pseudo-libertarians.

They’re not like traditional Republicans of old, although there are many similarities. But the biggest differentiator isn’t demographics, it’s values.

The New Right prizes political incorrectness, triggering leftists, and anyone who strengthens their beliefs and mindsets. They’re also reactionary, which defines many of the issues they focus on.

Milo isn’t accepted because he’s gay, articulate (he’s not), or good-looking (debatable). He’s accepted because he plays on their mindsets and assumptions. He’s the gay who hates leftist victimization, and speaks his mind.

In many ways, the right’s acceptance of Milo is a mirror of their acceptance of Trump. Milo, like Trump, is a sign of the broader New Right that has come to appreciate controversy and loud-mouthed “honesty” above principles or self-respect.

It’d be a welcome change if Milo was normalizing homosexuality within the Republican party. It’s held the party back for quite a while now; about time it changes. But he’s not. Milo is merely indulging an audience that is all too willing to be indulged.