Why Is New York Magazine Employing a Bigot?

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By William Hicks | 5:16 pm, May 9, 2017
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As a huge fan of New York Magazine, imagine my shock to find out one of the writers at this esteemed bastion of smug liberalness is actually a bigot!

Yep, according to the brave opinion journalism of former Atlantic writer Noah Berlatsky, NY Mag’s writer-at-large, Jesse “emptying my nine at the ‘make your kids trans’ sign” Singal, was finally outed as a bigot.

Berlatsky revealed in Splice Today that Singal “wrote a sensationalist piece that leveraged stereotypes about trans people to create an exciting narrative.”


Last week Singal wrote about the outrage over a professor’s academic paper comparing transgenderism to transracialism. He called the fury a “witch hunt.” He dared to impugn the motives of trans and PoC women (who are perfect) that were calling the paper an act of violence.

His “clickbait screed” was rightly owned by Berlatsky, who astutely pointed out that while Singal calls the affair a “witch hunt,” no witches were actually killed. Jesse is such an IDIOT!

And this isn’t the first time Singal has worn intolerance on his sleeve. Last year he implied in an article that it may not be such a great idea to for trans kids to start hormone therapy until they’re older. He was appropriately put on blast by the social justice community for the high crime of transphobia.

He even defended his racist relatives on Twitter for some reason and picked up the racism label to add to his collection.

The evidence for Jesse “emptying my nine at a line of homone therapy pills meant for trans kids” Singal’s bigotry just keeps piling up. A random Twitter social justice warrior did an online poll (the most accurate kind) asking if Singal is a bigot.

A whopping 89 percent answered correctly.

In a thread about Singal on the anti-Gamergate subreddit /r/GamerGhazi, four out of five commenters also agreed he’s a bigot. If you search “Jesse Singal bigot” on Twitter over SEVEN people are talking about it, most of them in the pro-bigot camp.

And if you put Jesse + Singal + bigot into a word cloud generator, it shows just how dangerous a bigot Jesse really is.

Jesse “emptying my nine at the line in the Declaration of Independence that said ‘all men are equal'” Singal started his career with such promise. He was one of the white knights of GamerGate. A staunch defender of the likes of Zoe Quinn and Goodreads bully Randi Harper.

But his former social justice clan cast him out due to his unbridled rage at trans kids given hormone replacement therapy at a young age by their parents.  Jesse will forever be exiled to roam the lonely halls of New York Mag with fellow bigot Jonathan Chait.