Why Do Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys Punch Like Pussies?

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By William Hicks | 3:28 pm, May 15, 2017

If you’ve kept up at all with the post-inaugural political street violence, you’ve probably heard of the Proud Boys.

Started by Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, it’s a self-help, pick-up artist, right-wing quasi-militia fraternity group. They’re often found at protests opposite Antifa getting in fights and hurling insults at lefties.
This group—founded on the tenets of Western values, anathema to white guilt and masturbating— engendered fearful descriptions from cowed liberal bloggers. With monikers like “alt right Fight Club,” these guys sure sound scary!

However, Heat Street has obtained SHOCKING video evidence revealing that Proud Boys are actually a bunch of pussies who don’t punch good.

Step 2 of the Proud Boys initiation ceremony is a “beat -in,” where the initiate is punched by his fellow brothers until he can name five breakfast cereals. Brutal street gangs like MS13 have similar bloody rituals.

But here’s what a Proud Boy beat-in looks like.

(This video mysteriously went private after publication of this article. I wonder why?)

So here’s a different initiation to the same affect. 

They don’t extend their arms or use their shoulder. All the power seems to be coming from the elbow. I’ve gotten birthday punches as an 8-year-old harder than that.

And they all look just as pathetic. This one was overseen by Papa Gavin himself with the participants throwing punches like defective Rock ’em Sock ’em robots.



In this initiation, a middle age man appears too ashamed of the weak punches so he so doesn’t even bother naming the breakfast cereals.

And here’s another from the same rally.

Compare this to a real gang initiation, where this kid is thrown to the ground and kicked in the head. It’s far cry away from the playful belly jostling of Proud Boys.



The Internet is filled with video of embarrassing Proud Boy beat-ins. It all seems a bit gay for a group based on the male ego and fucking women. Although the group was named after a song from a Broadway Disney musical.


Gavin McInnes can punch decent enough, you can see it on video. He just needs to train his weird band of non-masturbating Western chauvinists to do the same.

There’s also this video…

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