Notorious Delta Prankster’s New Target: Homeless People

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By William Hicks | 11:19 am, January 13, 2017

YouTuber Adam Saleh blew up social media in December by lying and saying he and his friend were kicked off a plane just because his friend was speaking on the phone to his mom in Arabic. Many media outlets credulously believed the story despite the fact Saleh is a serial prankster who has faked racial profiling incidents in the past. The New York Times has yet to retract a story they wrote that claimed to “corroborate” Saleh’s lie.

Now three weeks later Saleh is back making pranks again, this time on the homeless. In his latest video “ASSAULTING HOMELESS MAN EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG!!” Saleh pretends to attack his friend, who is dressed up as a homeless man, so that other homeless people must step in and break up the fight.

Then to excuse the fact they are playing pranks on the most downtrodden of society, they play sappy music and try to frame it like they are showing homeless people’s humanity when they try and help their fellow man. Then whoever stepped in to break up the fight gets $50. Basically it’s reverse bum fights.

“If I see you again around here, I’ll break your fucking camera,” one homeless guy says to Saleh.

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