WATCH: University of Pittsburgh Trump Supporters Harassed, Shouted Down

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By Kyle Foley | 12:16 pm, November 1, 2016

With the election only a week away, the tension between Trump and Clinton supporters is spiking. Students who back Trump at the University of Pittsburgh have gotten a taste of that this week.

On Monday, “a student ran behind the table and ripped down the ‘Youth for Trump’ sign with such force that the tree limb it was attached to broke,” according to The Pitt Maverick. Lindsey Hern, a senior at Pitt who also supports Trump, said that students quickly surrounded the table and were attacking her for being a female Trump supporter. “It was as if, because I was a woman, I don’t have the choice to choose who I support for president and have to succumb to some mold.” Hern said, “I was horrified and scared for my safety because of my views.”

Various other students stopped to berate the Trump supporters, who had set up a table to drum up interest in their candidate.

You can watch the latest incident here, in video captured by students on the scene:

This is the second incident that has occurred on campus at Pitt in the last week, as last Wednesday the Youth For Trump table was flipped over, prompting the school to issue a statement. So much for tolerance.

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