WATCH: DePaul Threatens to Arrest Ben Shapiro for Stepping Foot on Campus

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By Emily Zanotti | 11:22 am, November 16, 2016

When conservative author and commentator Ben Shapiro showed up on DePaul University’s campus Tuesday night, security guards were ready to escort him off the property—or have him arrested for trespassing.

Shapiro was banned from DePaul’s campus in August after the administration raised concerns that their security force could not handle any potential student unrest that would accompany Shapiro’s presentation. He was invited by DePaul’s branch of Young America’s Foundation to speak alongside Christina Hoff Summers Tuesday night, in defiance of the ban, but said he would sit in the audience instead after DePaul threatened to suspend the YAF group.

Earlier on Tuesday, Shapiro got wind that DePaul was considering using their security forces to enforce their August ban—and that it included not just a ban on Shapiro speaking to the student body, but a ban on Shapiro stepping foot anywhere on DePaul’s campus.

When Shapiro arrived, a full battalion was there to meet him. The incident was captured on video.

In the video, Shapiro can be seen asking several dozen security guards why such a huge force is necessary to keep him from entering campus, as there were no protesters to be seen.

“I’m wondering why is it so necessary to keep me personally out?” Shapiro says.

The security guard replies, “The bottom line is, it’s private property,” and tells Shapiro that if he takes “three more steps” onto campus, that DePaul will be forced to call the authorities and have him arrested for trespassing. And they weren’t kidding. Cook County Sheriffs had been called in to staff the event.

When Shapiro asks the guards if such a major show of force is warranted, the guard quips, “It may be a mild misallocation of recourses.”

Summers and Shapiro then led a mass walkout of YAF students and speech attendees and held their joint event off campus—and Shapiro and others were quick to point out DePaul’s folly on social media.

Heat Street has requested comment from DePaul University but has yet to receive a response.