WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Vox Wants You To Know That Nazis Used Advent Calendars

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By William Hicks | 2:18 pm, December 2, 2016
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Christmas has been under attack by liberals in this country for more than a decade. From satanic Starbucks cups to Stalinist “Happy Holiday” speech codes, Christmas as we know it may not last the decade.

And the insufferable progressives at Vox.com are desperately trying to hammer the final nail into the coffin.

In their condescending explainer, “Advent, explained,” Vox desperately attempts to link good Christian fun to the evils of the Third Reich:

In a chilling development, when Nazi Germany attempted to change Christmas from a religious holiday to an occasion to praise the fatherland (Jesus’s Jewish origins being troublesome for Nazis’ racist ideology), it latched onto the Advent calendar as a way of inculcating loyalty into children. In 1943, a full-color calendar was produced by the Third Reich for distribution to German mothers; it included, among other things, designs that incorporated swastikas and other Nazi symbols.

Hmm, what’s chilling is these nihilistic post modernists’ flailing attempts to shame children for liking nearly a month of daily treats.

Even the URL of the article clearly states “Nazi Christmas,” so we can only assume this is part of a long con from the folks at Vox to fully Nazify the Christian holiday worse than Hugo Boss clothes or Pepe the frog.


Why would Vox bother to include a large section about Nazis in their history of the advent calendar. It’s like writing a piece about the history of pens with a prominent section explaining how Hitler used them to write Mein Kampf.

The answer is obviously sinister. Vox wants Christmas to die, so instead of spending time with family in December, we have more time to read boring explainers.