Voting Begins in Contest That Could Hand Milo Yiannopoulos Major UK University Job

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:28 am, March 20, 2017

Voting has opened in an election which could see Milo Yiannopoulos handed a major position at a UK university.

Yiannopoulos is in the running to be the next Rector at the University of Glasgow, an elected office chosen by current students at the university.

His candidacy, brought about by a group of students who called on him to defend free expression, sparked a firestorm of emotion, and calls for him to be excluded.

However, university authorities stuck to the criteria that anybody who isn’t a current student can be suggested for the post, currently occupied by Edward Snowden.

Online voting began at 9am today UK time, and remains open until tomorrow afternoon.

University authorities will announce the results shortly after polls close, at around 5pm.

Yiannopoulos did not visit Glasgow to campaign in person, though students there protested against him anyway.

Milo later urged supporters to back him in an online video message:

Cast your votes wisely. I’ve never heard of any of the other people on the ballot. I can’t honestly say that any of them is going to do as sincere and as well-informed and as well-qualified a job, given the number of college campuses I’ve been on in the last 18 months, the deep affinity and care I have for free expression on campuses.

I don’t think any of my opponents in this election are remotely as qualified as I am to stick up for student interests and to stick up for fun on campus – and your right to have a laugh, have a drink and crack a joke.

His rivals for the job include former cabinet minister Sir Vince Cable, anti-SJW professor Jordan Peterson, and Brace Belden, a US internet celebrity fighting ISIS in Syria.