VICE Journalist Sam Kriss Says He Wants to Burn Poppies in Front of British Soldiers

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 5:03 am, May 25, 2017
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VICE journalist Sam Kriss hates the United Kingdom. In the wake of the Manchester terrorist bombing, the UK-based writer expressed how he’d like to burn poppies in front of the soldiers now guarding key locations and forwarded a conspiracy theory about why he thought the government deployed the army.

Vice contributor Sam Kriss

As an avowed communist, Kriss’ hatred isn’t restricted to the military or the Conservative government—his hatred extends to Queen and country. Publishing on VICE, a darling of the establishment media and beneficiary of major Disney investment, Kriss once wrote about how the whole of UK is “waiting for the Queen to die.” Tasteless.

In the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack, which killed 22, the UK government raised the threat level to “critical” and launched Operation Temperer, deploying up to 5,000 soldiers to support the police to secure locations that would be prime targets for terrorist attacks. Ever the Che Guavara wannabe, Kriss wasted no time in expressing his hatred of the military.

He tweeted: “I’m all the guys insisting that as soldiers are deployed on the fucking streets that the most important thing is to Respect them.” [sic]

“It’s good that we’ve got soldiers on the streets now because it means I won’t have to go all the way to the base to burn poppies at them,” he continued. “I’m sure absolutely no political calculation went into the decision to put Strong Decisive Army Men on the streets weeks before the election.”

At one point, Kriss even took to defending Islamists over the violence, claiming that it was misogyny rather than religious extremism that drove the terrorist to blow himself up at the concert.

He wrote: “The common factor in almost all these attacks isn’t islam, but men with a violent attitude towards women. Ideologies like takfirism or imageboard nazism are a way of systematising and rationalising that misogyny, not the other way round.” [sic]

Sam Kriss expresses his male feminist allyship

Sam Kriss, a male feminist ally, is of the belief that men hate women because men are inherently misogynistic. Kriss doesn’t pause to think about what the root cause of that “misogyny” might be. The logic he expresses leads one to suspect that he hasn’t had all that many original thoughts.

As the Manchester attack unfolded, Kriss had nothing but apathy to share with his 26.7k followers—not even a word of condemnation for the perpetrator, nor condolences for the victims. Instead, he chose to focus his ire on people who were upset by sociopathic imbeciles on Twitter. A smug, sociopathic heel in his own right, he wrote:

“That weird sense of living through an evening that will become another piece of grit in history, fixed forever, as the bloodshed continues. I guess it’s time to find someone saying something stupid on twitter and shout at them, what else can we do.”

Male feminist ally, communist, and sociopath—Sam Kriss is the epitome of the progressive leftist. His lack of class is only matched by his lack of self-awareness. Outraged by Katie Hopkins, Kriss called for a boycott of the conservative firebrand after she expressed anger towards the terrorists responsible for the Manchester bombing in a questionably-worded tweet she later removed.

“It’s not the responsibility of normal people to pay attention to Katie Hopkins,” he wrote. “It’s the responsibility of the media to stop giving her work. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a fundamental right for any sufficiently grotesque ghoul to be on the radio. Start a podcast.”

It’s a wonder how VICE employs a writer who often expresses hateful comments about the military and apathy towards dead children while simultaneously calling for someone else to be fired for their comments. How ironic.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.