University of St. Francis Student Cries to MSNBC After Prof Asks Her To Consider Differing Opinion

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:35 pm, June 22, 2017

A graduate student in Medical Sociology at the University of St. Francis begged for help from liberal media after her professor dared to suggest she “broaden her horizons” by reading, The Grass is Not Always Greener, a paper on the healthcare debate published by the libertarian Cato Institute.

Jennifer Martin started a Tweetstorm late Wednesday night, begging her favorite liberal television hosts and talking heads to “expose” the dastardly teacher’s problematic assignment, which she called “propaganda.”

When the more reliable progressive media refused to come to her rescue, Martin turned to mainstream media in the hopes they’d do a story on how she’d been grievously injured by her exposure to a PDF file.

We understand the shock Jennifer must have felt, encountering a position that was so unlike her own, and from a reputable research institution that does not deign to hide its political leanings behind the veneer of “non-biased” news coverage.

A number of high-profile conservative commentators responded to Martin’s dilemma suggesting that she read the material, only for Martin to reply that she had and “threw it in the garbage,”— and then claimed that she expected more from her professors than a “Koch” funded report. She is convinced she claimed to be able to “recognize propaganda when I see it.”

“Graduate level students expect more from their profs than articles written by political think tanks pushing an agenda,” Martin wrote in a now-deleted Twitter comment. “I’m not a modern college kid. I am 35 have been a working professional for 10 years and this is a graduate program.”

That makes it worse, really. Not better.

Its quite obvious, when you get the end of the exchange, that Martin probably could benefit from some critical thinking on the issue of healthcare. And particularly when you get a glimpse of Martin’s Twitter profile, which declares her absolute resistance to Donald Trump, and cites reputable sources for non-partisan political information, like Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.