University of Michigan Papered with Racist, Anti-Immigrant Posters

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:20 pm, November 14, 2016

Posters promoting racism and white supremacy cropped up across the University of Michigan’s campus Monday, taped to poster kiosks and littered around UMich’s central gathering place, known as the “diag.”

The letters, which appeared to celebrate Donald Trump’s victory, used the candidate’s campaign slogan—”Make America Great Again”—trumpeted exit polls showing white voters going overwhelmingly for the Republican candidate, listed numbers students could call to report “illegal immigrants,” and promoted several prominent alt-right websites.

Students took photos of the posters and posted them to social media before they were ripped down.




An additional poster featured a photo of a woman being sexually assaulted accompanied by statistics about interracial violence.

The posters follow closely on the heels of two reports of ethnic intimidation on campus. On Friday, a Muslim student was reportedly approached by a “disheveled,” “intoxicated” man in his 20s or 30s, brandishing a lighter. When he got close, he threatened to set the woman on fire unless she removed her hijab.

On Monday afternoon, the university released a second report of a student pedestrian who was approached by two men who “yelled at her about being in America” before pushing her down a hill. UMich’s public safety department and Ann Arbor police are investigating both incidents, which they are calling “hate crimes.”

Several conservative students have also reported being the victims of intimidation, both over their beliefs and over a petition they signed objecting to what they say was an anti-Trump rally held on university grounds the night after the election.

Students also found a threatening message painted on a rock near campus—the words “Kill them All” with what appeared to be the Republican and Democrat logos.

This latest incident, however, is not the first time posters encouraging white nationalism have appeared on the grounds of UMich’s Ann Arbor campus. Before the election, several of UMich’s campus buildings were papered with similarly racist literature.

The University of Michigan told media, including Heat Street, that they intend to investigate any threatening messages reported to university administration, regardless of the reporting party’s political leanings, and will address these recent incidents more fully in the coming days.