Tyranny Alert: Alex Jones Loses Child Custody Battle

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By William Hicks | 1:20 pm, April 28, 2017

Based on a round the clock effort by globalists, Rothschilds, Illuminati, and Mephistopheles himself, Alex Jones lost his child custody battle Thursday night, The Daily Beast reports.

A Texas jury decided Jones must now share joint custody of his three children (ages 9-14) with his ex-wife Kelly Jones and she will decide who the children live with. Previously Alex Jones was the “managing conservator” of his children who lived with him in Austin and Kelly Jones only saw them about five times a year.

The trial gained national attention when Alex Jones’s defense attorney attempted to make the argument that his client’s on air bombastic persona on his conspiracy-laden network InfoWars, was just elaborate performance art. The defense was used to counter Kelly Jones’s claims that her ex was unhinged and a bad role model for their children.

Jones himself blew up his attorney’s defense strategy by acting exactly like his on-air persona on the witness stand. He made made wild assertions that George Soros was controlling marijuana potency and claimed a big bowl of Texas chili he ate before the trial made him forget the ages of his kids.

Kelly Jones’s attorneys also used a video clip of Alex smoking a joint on Joe Rogan’s podcast and another of Alex Jones drunkenly ranting in DC on inauguration to imply he was an unfit parent.

Jones’s defense team fired back, claiming that Kelly Jones suffers from  “emotional dysregulation” an assertion backed up by multiple mental health professionals. The disorder results in poorly modulated emotional reactions to situations, which Jones’s attorney says makes it difficult to raise children.

When Jones was asked on the witness stand if his ex-wife had any redeaming qualities as a mother, he replied, “I can’t perjure myself. She has no positive qualities.”

This marks the end of a very ugly and very public court battle for the InfoWars host which brought to question the authenticity of his decades-long career as a politcal commentator/conspiracy king.

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