‘Sick of These White Men Crying RACIST’: Radicals Defend Black Teens Held in Facebook Torture Case

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 12:15 pm, January 5, 2017

As a shocking video has emerged showing a man who has special needs being bound, gagged and abused while a group of teenagers shouted “f**k Donald Trump” and “f**k white people,” some people have taken to Twitter to mock the people concerned about it and pardon the perpetrators.

The video was uploaded to Facebook Live yesterday by a user named Brittany Herring. The video lasted for 30 minutes and showed a young man being tied up in a corner. At one point, one of them cuts into his scalp with a knife. The clip has since been removed from Facebook but can be found elsewhere.

As the police told Fox 32 that four individuals are in custody and authorities are conducting further investigation, the story has blown up on social media and sparked an uproar from all sides. Some have blamed Black Lives Matter for the incident, although at the time of writing, no official affiliation between the group of teenagers and the organizations has been found.

Others, however, mocked people concerned about the incident and accused “white friends” of showing their so-called privilege. “Calm down my white friends… your white privilege is showing. y’all carry on,” wrote Twitter user Aisha. “Hmmm…lets see what white people are fake outraged over this morning #BLMKidnapping,” wrote Chad Burnham.

Another person claimed that the abduction and torture of a young man happened “because none of you racists understand that black lives matter.”

“You’re acting like white folks haven’t been doing this to [People of Color] throughout history, but now a Caucasian man gets attacked and it’s suddenly wahala. You can’t pick and choose like that,” wrote a user who has the Black Lives Matter abbreviation in their Twitter handle.

A woman, who goes by the name “Kiy” on Twitter, wrote: “Funny how the Trumpers are furious about the #BLMKidnapping when they voted for a man who made fun of some1 w/ special needs on live TV”.

Some users ridiculed Republicans for their calls to prosecute the group of teenagers for a hate crime. “When they push hate, racist rants, KKK then they get this and then complain about the hate,” said one user.

“White people suddenly calling for hate crimes charges. Oh this is rich after years of fighting the very idea of a ‘hate crime,'” said another person on Twitter.

The attacks turned even nastier as the story continued to dominate social media. Hayley Johnsen, a beauty blogger, attacked YouTube’s A-List star Philip DeFranco for suggesting that it was a racist incident. First she responded to him by writing, all in capital letters: “white people cannot suffer racism, it’s an actual impossibility if you understand WTF racism is”.

Johnsen then added: “I’m sick of these white men crying “racist” when crimes are committed against whites. Where tf you been for 400 years, Phil??”

Lastly, a user whose Twitter handle is “Kiss My Melanine” dismissed the brutal beating in Chicago by saying “black people die at the hands of white terrorists everyday. stfu.”