Twitter Idiots Mistake World Series Strikeout Count for ‘KKK Sign’

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:04 pm, November 3, 2016

Last night’s World Series game seven broke all sorts of baseball records — not just the Cubs 108 year dry spell (go Cubbies!). The tiebreaker drew around 40 million viewers, making it the most watched baseball game in more than a decade.

But some viewers new to the game were a little confused by unfamiliar baseball traditions. For some social justice warriors on Twitter, that meant a full-on panic as fans in the Cleveland stands started keeping track of strikeouts.

The “K” “K” “K,” of course, is a running tally of strikeouts, which are marked with a backwards or forwards “K” on paper scorecards. The Indians fans were simply keeping track — in big, TV-sized letters — of how many times their pitchers struck out Cubs batters.

Unfortunately, it turns out, SJWs assume racism everywhere.

The signs even managed to fool a Mediaite reporter.

Of course, baseball fans were quick to point out the obvious mistake.

Unfortunately for the baseball fans, some of their corrections simply resulted in further outrage — over “mansplaining.”


Even more awkward? The Mediaite author changed his article — and removed his byline.