‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Stream Moves to Liverpool, UK

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By William Hicks | 11:48 am, March 22, 2017
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“Events have shown that America is simply not safe enough for this artwork to exist,” wrote Shia Labeouf, Luke Turner and Nastja Rönko, the artists behind the fraught and embattled “He Will Not Divide Us” in a press release.

That’s the reason the art project meant to protest a sitting American president will be moved to Liverpool in the UK. Like the last location in Greenville, Tennessee, the camera is now pointed skywards towards a flag that says “He Will Not Divide Us.”

The stream was adopted by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), a cinema and art gallery located in the heart of Liverpool.

Once again the artists claim this will be the home of the stream for the remaining four years of Trump’s presidency. This is the fourth time they made such a claim. Your move 4chan and 8chan.

The press release details the entire embattled saga of the stream from New York all the way to its current home in Liverpool:

During the initial weeks of the project, the installation was subjected to constant disruption and hate speech by far-right extremists, and a lack of institutional support. On 10 February, the museum removed the camera without the artists’ knowledge or consent. On 18 February, the artists relocated the work to Albuquerque, where the community continued an enthusiastic engagement and participation in the piece. However, due to disruption by neo-Nazis, and after gunshots were fired in the vicinity, although unrelated to the project, the artists were unable to continue to keep the installation open to the public.

On 8 March, the project moved to an ‘unknown location’, where the work was adapted to its present form, accessible solely through the online stream. Following escalating threats and criminal activity coordinated via online message boards 4chan and 8chan, which included the theft and defacement of the artwork by white supremacists, and a field at the location being set on fire, the artists have now been forced to site the project outside of the United State

If you want to know the real account, read these articles (here and here).

8chan’s HWNDU board is already making plans to mess with the flag. They are speculating the flag has been placed on the roof of what appears to be a five-story building. CCTV cameras are everywhere and there are steep criminal penalties for trespassers.

8channers are suggesting sending drones with knives attached to try and cut down the flag. Others are recommending attaching a green paint bomb to the drone (green presumably for the color of Pepe the Frog). Another plan is to infiltrate the building to get roof access in order to replace the flag with one of their own.

I’ll give the flag about a week before it’s set on fire, cut down or in some way defaced by the creatures of the internet. Season 4 is going to be interesting.

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