Top Feminist Slammed for Saying Female-Only Spa Shouldn’t Admit Trans Women

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 2:22 pm, June 26, 2017
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Canadian journalist Meghan Murphy has impeccably ‘woke’ credentials. She is the Founder and Editor of Feminist Current, which bills itself as “Canada’s leading feminist website.”

But in a classic case of the left eating its own, Murphy has caused outrage among liberals for writing an article published on Canada Broadcasting Corporation’s website arguing that Body Blitz, a popular Toronto spa, shouldn’t get flak for refusing to accommodate a trans customer who self-identifies as a woman.

We wrote about the original uproar last week. Now Murphy, who is a prominent feminist, has weighed in, but her comments have gone down like a lead balloon in a typhoon with her social justice warrior peers.

“Trans activists would argue the distinction between women and trans women is an unimportant one—that people who identify as trans women are women like all other women,” wrote Murphy.

“But the reality is that internal feelings don’t change outward impressions. To some women and girls, the presence of a male body can leave them feeling uncomfortable, uneasy and even threatened.”

She added: “True, Body Blitz’s policy might inconvenience a few trans individuals who have to choose a different spa. But as an oppressed class of people, females as a whole deserve the right to maintain women-only spaces.

“And for women who have been sexually assaulted—those for whom seeing a penis could have a triggering effect, especially in what they perceive as a safe space—the experience goes way beyond ‘”inconvenience.'”

The article provoked 1,629 comments—many of them offering support of Murphy’s argument—but the backlash included sentiments such as, “Sorry, but you don’t get to restrict other people from having the same basic rights you enjoy for yourself because you don’t like the look of their body.”

Outrage over Murphy’s stance intensified on social media. Here’s a sample:

Confronted with her reputation under fire, Murphy- not to be confused with Megan Murphy, the editor of Bloomberg Businessweek– came out fighting…well against the male criticism, anyway: