Tomi Lahren Trolls Critics With New Printable Valentine’s Day Cards Featuring Her Racy Deleted Tweets

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:21 pm, January 13, 2017

Tomi Lahren isn’t shying away from her critics who, this week, dug up Lahren’s Twitter archives, including a series of social media missives the Blaze host made during her racier years at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

On Thursday, Lahren released a line of “Valentine’s Day cards” featuring some of her most memorable college hashtags, including #Vday (Valentine’s Day) and #PopThatP (code for “pop that…well, you know”).

She also addressed the accusations that she is a “hypocrite” in a Facebook Live event, where she again embraced her college-era “catchphrases” and asked her critics to admit that they were just a “bunch of liberals” on a “witch hunt.”

Naturally, most of her critics responded to her #Vday card by wishing she’d die.

You can print out your very own Tomi Lahren Valentine by going to her dedicated blog on the The Blaze website. We printed out a few dozen for our friends, family and all the haters and losers, as our President-elect is wont to say, and the print quality (on our Epson color LaserJet) is actually pretty good.


Image from The Blaze

Some of the old tweets from Lahren, which the Internet called “scandalous” but mostly involve her discussing her party plans and her relationship status, disappeared earlier in the week. Critics speculated that Lahren was cleaning up her social media platforms in preparation for a jump to the West Wing.

On Wednesday night, she addressed Twitter snoopers with an extended rant against “snowflakes” offended by her previous life.