This Election Could Be Historic—for the Legalization of Weed

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 9:29 am, November 8, 2016
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While we’re all busily speculating tonight about which deeply unpopular candidate will be our next president, another revolution may be unfolding right in front of us: a new wave of weed legalization sweeping the country.

The states of California, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona and Nevada will decide whether to legalize pot for recreational use. Another four states—Florida, Arkansas, Montana and North Dakota—are seeking to legalize or expand access to medical marijuana.

Currently, only four states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, while 25 states have laws allowing marijuana for medical purposes.

Polling shows strong support for the legalization. According to the latest survey, 58% of likely voters in California will vote for legalization, while only 37% will oppose it. Similarly, 62% of voters in Massachusetts will support the proposition, while freedom-loving voters in Maine, Arizona and Nevada are hoping pot smokers won’t sit it out on election day—as support for legalization floats around 50%.

The races are also tight in the states voting on medical marijuana. Florida is likely to pass its medical pot initiative, where 71% of voters favor it, though they have to get at least 60% of the support. But in Arkansas and Montana support ranges between 45% and 50%. There’s no polling data on North Dakota’s medical marijuana measure.

Luckily, the pot revolution will be televised. Scottsdale-based will livestream a six-hour election special dubbed “Marijuana Election Night 2016.” It will focus entirely on the marijuana races throughout the country.

Co-host Russ Belville told 3TV in Arizona: “When the marijuana issue comes up, it always gets a chuckle. It always gets a pot pun,” adding: “It always gets a denigration or demeaning of the serious nature of this issue. And that’s what we’re looking to add to this coverage.”