23 Arrested After Battle in Berkeley Between Trump Supporters and Antifa

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By William Hicks | 3:41 pm, April 16, 2017

On Saturday nationwide protests were held to protest against Trump and his decision to not release his tax returns. But in Berkeley a pro-Trump “free speech” protest was also held by members of various rightwing factions like Proud Boys and the alt right.

The two rallies quickly converged and turned into a bloody street brawl between anti fascist leftists and Trump supporters, which resulted in 23 arrests.

The Trump supporters are declaring victory after they managed to push the antifas back and bust some heads in.


Here are some of the highlights.

An antifa woman was sucker punched pretty hard by a white supremacist. 

Based Stick Man was arrested again (read about his past escapades here).

Here’s some footage of him in action. 


Pepsi somehow failed to bring everyone together. 


The event was described as “Alt Right Comic Con.”


The cops seemed to be just “hanging back.”


The protesters did not use proper firework safety procedures. 


A Trump supporter gave an antifa guy a wedgie.