There’s a Real, Kendall Jenner-Inspired Pepsi Protest in Philly Tomorrow

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 3:28 pm, May 16, 2017

Philadelphians will hold a real Pepsi Protest tomorrow, gathering at City Hall with beverages and blue jeans in a sardonic shout-out to the soft drink and Kendall Jenner.

They’ll be protesting “well, whatever the hell we want. Because we can. Be it the war, the soda tax, Trump, everything,” the Facebook page for the demonstration says.

A local punk comedy troupe, Creatures of the Night, created the event to poke fun at the now infamous Pepsi ad—but “then, people actually started to RSVP,” the local website Billy Penn reported. So far, more than 250 people have expressed interest in attending.

“If confronted by violence or anything you don’t want to listen or see, just simply give the traitor a Pepsi,” the Facebook event says. “Upon drinking, their ideas and perspesctive [sic] will change to your’s [sic], thus creating an effective protest of whatever it is you’re mad about. …. Pepsi is the only answer to world peace at this point. So why not try the last resort and crack open a refreshing Pepsi.”

Protestors say they’ll be “using the refreshing Pepsi soft drink as a segway [sic] of peace and prosperity.”
The creative director for Creatures of the Night, Anthony Taylor, does have some past political experience; he’s a former volunteer for the Obama campaign.

Though Taylor couldn’t be reached by deadline, he told Billy Penn that he thought “getting mad [at] a soft drink, I think, is kind of silly. There’s bigger fish to fry.”

Despite widespread mockery for the ad, Pepsi products have been popping up at protests recently. In Portland on May Day, one anarchist attempted to hand a cop a Pepsi; another threw the soft drink at a medic, the Guardian reported.