The Shocking Facebook Page of Brittany Herring, the Woman Who Filmed the Brutal Chicago Beating

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By Heat Street Staff | 12:52 pm, January 5, 2017
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A shocking crime, the kidnapping and torture of a special needs man in Chicago, was broadcast live on Facebook. The attackers yelled “fuck white people” and “fuck Trump” during the assault and made the victim drink toilet water.

While four people were involved in the kidnapping and attack, the camerawoman Brittany Herring, 18, is receiving the most attention as you can clearly see her face and hear her commentary during long video clips.

Herring is a resident of the West Side of Chicago. Facebook is open to the public and her page is already flooded with angry and racist comments. But from her social media presence one can glean a few details about her lifestyle.

Arrest Record

In October, Herring, who also goes by Brittany Covington, was arrested on a larceny charge, according to Chicago police records. She also posted about having to go to court on Facebook.


The mugshot spreading around social media is not Herring

This image of a crying woman is going viral on social media but it is actually not her.

The woman above is from a completely different arrest in Texas with no connection to the Chicago kidnapping.


Her Facebook is full of shocking photos. 

Here’s one where she appears to be holding a gun (or a bong).

Another video has an anti-cop message. The term EBK means “everybody’s a killer.”

Smoking a blunt.

Herring and her accomplices are currently in custody by Chicago Police awaiting charges.