The ‘Post-Trump Haircut’ Is the Ultimate Extension of Liberal Delusion

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By Julienne Davis | 4:32 pm, December 19, 2016

Some liberal women, according to New York magazine, are so distraught about Trump’s Presidential election win that they are drastically cutting their hair in protest.

In what has been dubbed the ‘Post-Trump haircut’, weaves and extensions have been ditched in exchange for severe buzzcuts and flat tops;  long, blonde tresses have been cropped and colored gothic black or punky platinum white. The creative director of Daniel’s Salon in Washington D.C.’s Dupont Circle told them “When you see that much blonde hair on the floor, you know something is going on.”

One such “protester” performing artist Julianna Evans explained, “I think I wanted to do something defiant to feel stronger. Now, I feel like my hair says you can’t bring me down. This misogyny will not persevere. The bumper sticker for me is, ‘I am woman, hear me roar!”

Roar, indeed. Although this story may be considered as a funny fluff piece for some conservatives to laugh at “cry baby” liberal females as it made the rounds for a few seconds of political commentary, the reasons behind those hair-cutting motivations have been playing on my mind.

It takes my mind back to years ago when I was in high school and the oh-so-pretty popular girls were inevitably the cheerleaders with long (and usually blonde) hair. And then there was me: not blonde, not pretty enough to be accepted into their group. So what did I do? I decided not to play their popularity game. I didn’t even try to become a cheerleader. I simply opted out and became an arty-type instead and colored my hair more red, not blonde. Anything but blonde!

This anti-Trump hair protest – and a lot of what I consider to be the new brand of feminism – makes me understand what is driving women to want to change themselves so drastically from blonde, and/or long haired, or pretty, or feminine, or middle class, or Christian, or whatever else they were to begin with to something different.

I can’t help but think of journalists like Laurie Penny who go on about the “horrid, oppressive patriarchy” and specifically, how she believes that misogynistic men fear and hate short hair on women. In her eyes short hair “is a political statement” – it’s not about making your hair attractive but it’s about making it a giant “f*ck you!” to the patriarchy.

So I wonder about Laurie’s and other feminists’ formative years in school. Maybe feminists went through what I did, and then some. Maybe they had awful fathers, abusive brothers or uncles. Maybe they were teased or treated badly by boys and boyfriends. Maybe they were dumped on, abused, cheated on, lied to. In fact, no, I’m not going to say maybe. I’m going to say that they absolutely have baggage from that.

How does one deal with prior hurts? By turning against it, and then trying to destroy the thing that hurt them. Their baggage has festered and multiplied into a deep-seated hatred for all men who have “manly” traits. Straight but emasculated, guilt ridden, metrosexual men are fine. They’ve been beaten down into submission and the revenge in the feminist mind is complete in them.

And what about the fallout of all the hate for the straight white male?

We end up with eliminationist rhetoric like hashtagging  #KillAllWhiteMen or Lena Dunham “joking” about the coming extinction of white men or a university professor saying that white males don’t deserve to live.

But let’s look further into this baggage-ridden society of ours. What about the many people in the West who grew up going to Church and celebrating Christmas and Easter, who now go on about how awful Christianity is. What happened there? Was it a twisted priest who upset them? Was it a messed up or hypocritical family life even though they went to church every Sunday? And that now translates into “Christianity is awful”?

Or take the movement that states the words “Merry Christmas” shouldn’t be uttered? Again… baggage. Didn’t feel part of the group, so the plan now is to snub and destroy it. It reeks of Stockholm Syndrome, ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ writ large.

I’m mostly white, with a little Yankton Sioux Native American in there. But I can’t change what I am any more than an African American can change themselves, or a Latino, or Asian, or Arab or Jew or Aborigine. We are what we are. In a beautiful world we should all accept and love regardless of color and background.

Yet in our western society, why are the white people specifically being taught to self-hate? None of us should hate what we are! It’s utterly ridiculous. One woman, Rachel Dolezal hated being white so much, she transformed herself from the blonde blue eyed girl she was into a pseudo-black woman and became the head of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington.

Another type is the self-hating Jew who wishes that Israel didn’t exist. They have bought into the hatred for the Jewish people through the generations to such an extent, that they would prefer their own people are destroyed.

THAT is the level of self-hate we are seeing in our world today. There is a growing lack of acceptance about who we are, an inability to  recognize our own baggage and do our best to rise above it.

As for those the ‘Post-Trump haircut’ as a political statement: cut your hair if you fancy it but you might want to find a style that suits your face and personality. Change your hair color if you think it suits your coloring to do so. But to cut your hair as a political statement because you hate a chauvinistic male?

Own who you are. Respect it. Treat yourself well. Respect others. Finally grow up and get over your baggage and leave it where it belongs – in the past.