The Mainstream Media Is Trying Really Hard to Make ‘Rogue One’ a Culture Wars Clusterf**k

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By Kyle Foley | 5:20 pm, December 12, 2016

With the latest Star Wars movie set to release this week, screenings for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have begun across the nation. As members of the liberal media, and even some Rogue One writers themselves, are trying to make the movie about the 2016 election, Disney is attempting damage control, especially as some Trumpsters are threatening to boycott.

The controversy has all the trappings of this summer’s Ghostbusters gender war battle, which significantly hurt box office receipts.

To make matters worse, there is a torrent of think pieces about the political nature of Star Wars from the likes of Gizmodo and Mashable.  Many are likening Trump to the authoritarian Empire and the multicultural freedom fighters of Rogue One to America’s leftist protest movements. Rogue One writer Chris Weitz didn’t help matters by labeling the empire a “white supremacist movement” in an anti-Trump rant after the election.

Sensitive Trump fans now think the movie was reshot just to subversively make jabs at Trump.

In response to Weitz’s tweets, Disney CEO Bob Iger told The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s world premiere this weekend in Los Angeles that he thinks “the whole story has been overblown and, quite frankly, it’s silly.” Iger went further, clarifying that Rogue One is “not a film that is, in any way, a political film. There are no political statements in it, at all.”

Iger’s response seems to be a message from Disney to those that are using the movie to oppose Trump—and his message is to knock it off. Disney is best to distance itself from Weitz’s nonsense, as they don’t want to lose any ticket sales by alienating people who supported or now support the United States’ President-elect.

Despite Iger’s insistence, left wing publications are trying to think piece the film into a culture wars battle. The Mary Sue called Rogue OneDonald Trump’s Worst Nightmare.” (Before someone complains that I am taking them out of context, they did simply quote one of the tweets they highlighted later in the piece, but they wanted to make the anti-Trump aspect the reason why people clicked.)

Mashable recently published a piece stressing the liberal politics of the Star Wars films.

George Lucas was, and remains, a very, very liberal Northern Californian. Everywhere you look in his films, you find progressive parables. Star Wars celebrates the cultural diversity of the good guys, and showcases the constant struggle against prejudice in everyday life.

Gizmodo also published a post stressing the essential political-ness of Star Wars, even calling Rogue One’s diverse cast a political statement.

Whatever the meaning or intent, a “political statement” coming from Hollywood is sure to turn off conservatives and especially Trumpsters who fear their God Emperor may for some reason be compared to Emperor Palpatine.

Iger may try to tone down the politics of Rogue One, but he was way too late to avoid the culture war, even if it’s a stupid one.

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