Stuffed Animals and Juice Boxes: Georgetown Club Offers Safe Space for Trump Inauguration Protesters

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:33 pm, January 18, 2017

Concerned that some of its students might suffer long-term emotional distress from prolonged proximity to Donald Trump’s inauguration, a club at Georgetown University is offering a restorative safe space with Legos, stuffed animals, juice boxes and snacks.

The event, called “Self-Care Night,” is sponsored by GUPride, the school’s LGBT organization, and is designed to help students who spend time protesting this weekend to reconnect with their “inner children,” and de-stress.

“Join GUPride for a night of relaxation, recovery, and rest after a long week,” an email invitation sent to Georgetown GUPride members states. “There will be Legos and stuffed animals and coloring books—come to embrace the inner child and hang out with people :)”

Despite being in the heart of the nation’s capitol, Georgetown does not appear to have any special Inauguration-related events planned for the weekend (students have Friday off). However, students from Georgetown plan to attend the massive “Women’s March” on Saturday.

Georgetown’s College Democrats had also asked students to make their apartments and dorm rooms available to students who might be visiting for the protests.

Regardless, anyone who is triggered by the weekend’s events is invited to take part in Monday’s safe space. After a “long week,” the organizers say, such a activities are no doubt warranted whether you’ve taken an active part in opposing the incoming administration or not.