Students Say Halloween ‘Murdered by Political Correctness,’ Launch Campaign to ‘Bury’ It

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 3:34 pm, October 15, 2016

If the PC police killed Halloween on campus, conservative students are determined to ensure the holiday at least has a proper burial.

On Friday, Young America’s Foundation announced a Funeral for Halloween campaign, meant to push back against “warnings of ‘cultural appropriation,’ political correctness, and [others] telling you what you can and can’t wear on Halloween.”

The initiative comes after Halloween sparked widespread controversy on campuses last year. A Yale professor ultimately resigned after an uproar when she dared to criticize the university’s “implied control” over Halloween costumes.

Since then, dozens of universities have hosted events about Halloween and cultural appropriation, also launching “my culture is not a costume” poster campaigns.

In response to this movement, YAF suggested that on Oct. 31, students in YAF chapters at colleges around the country cobble together a cardboard coffin, and fill it with Halloween costumes. They would then place it in a high-traffic area on campus, and hand out an obituary for Halloween.

“Halloween was murdered in cold blood by Political Correctness, a suspect also charged in the deaths of Cinco De Mayo, Harambe memes, standup comedy, and a variety of hilariously themed college parties,” YAF’s suggested obit says.

While Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July remain survivors, the mock obituary says, “the same cannot be said for Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, and Christmas, all of which are rapidly falling victim to Political Correctness’s ruthless reign of terror.”

Suggested donations go to Lena Dunham, in anticipation of when SJWs begin to self-cannibalize.

Jillian Kay Melchior writes for Heat Street and is a fellow for the Steamboat Institute and the Independent Women’s Forum.