ANALYSIS: There’s Something Sinister About Those New Starbucks ‘Holiday’ Cups

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By Andrew Stiles | 4:25 pm, November 2, 2016
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Big Coffee giant Starbucks caused a ruckus this week by announcing a new “unity” cup for the “holiday” season. Critics have accused the corporation of ruining Christmas yet again.

The cups are green and white. There are a bunch of faces drawn all over them. This is supposed to remind us that “we’re all connected.”

Starbucks is really laying it on thick with the whole “unity” theme.

You may be wondering: What’s really going here? The new cups were announced just hours after WikiLeaks published emails showing Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, a major Democratic donor, offering “confidential” campaign advice to Hillary Clinton’s top aides. More importantly, the cups were unveiled just days before Election Day. That’s suspicious enough to warrant a further analysis,

Indeed: there appears to be something sinister lurking behind the “we’re all connected” nonsense that is constantly being pushed by the Globalist Propaganda Machine. Evidence suggests that the same dark forces propelling Hillary Clinton to power are behind the corporate “unity” effort. It is most likely an effort to influence the election and ensure Hillary becomes president and enacts the Global Elite Agenda.

Illuminati subtext

The Illuminati is a secret cabal. Its members help write the Bible and won’t stop meddling in politics until “open borders” are a reality. Their symbols are everywhere, if you know what to look for.


Globalist agenda

The globalist elites backing Hillary Clinton are determined to install a world government run by corporate CEOs like Howard Schultz. They’ve become so emboldened in recent years thanks to disastrous trade deals (NAFTA, TPP) that they don’t even bother to conceal their true agenda anymore.



Speaks for itself.


Climate conspiracy

The science is settled. A majority of analysts who haven’t been corrupted by corporate profits are basically certain the Obama administration has been deploying hurricanes and other weather events — engineered by the U.S. military using wind farms and other man-made force generators — to promote the “climate agenda” funded by George Soros.

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The evidence speaks for itself.