Social Justice Warriors Dox, Publish Lengthy Dossier on Feminist YouTuber Laci Green

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 5:16 pm, June 7, 2017

Social justice warriors have turned the matter of prominent feminist YouTuber Laci Green’s romantic relationship with anti-social justice YouTuber Chris Ray Gun into a political issue.

Laci Green

Feeling personally slighted by Green’s decision to reach across ideological lines to engage with her former detractors and critics, they’ve taken to compiling a dossier on Green, releasing her private information, and engaging in a large-scale campaign of public harassment. The personal, as feminists say, is political.

Following news that Green, who is famous for her educational videos on sex positivity, was dating the anti-SJW YouTube personality, a dossier or “masterpost” compiled at least a year ago resurfaced on Tumblr this week. It has received over 7,000 shares and responses from outrage warriors with a huge slate of additions and updates. The dossier contains around a hundred complaints about Laci Green, based on statements and videos she made over the years—many of which are taken out of context or interpreted through the lens of outrage.

Complaints include links to even more complaints written by users across Tumblr, where Laci Green is judged and found guilty of everything from “fat shaming,” “transphobia,” and “cis-sexism,” to “identity policing.” Even her apologies over some of the things she was called out for are deemed “pathetic.” Green previously received death threats for using the word “tranny” in a 2009 video.

Green’s refusal to ostracize and distance herself from Tyler Oakley, a popular LGBT YouTuber deemed transphobic and sexist by social justice warriors, is among the many “problems” they have with her.

The dossier isn’t the only thing to dog Green, who revealed yesterday that she was doxed by someone she believed she could trust.

“Shoutout to whichever SJW asshole leaked my private info on Facebook and sent a torrent of people to harass me and my family for ‘colonizing,’” stated Green on Twitter.

The doxing and harassment Green has received is reminiscent of a social justice warrior-driven effort to unmask “Mombot,” a female Japanese GamerGate supporter and anti-SJW, in an attempt to silence her. Many of the individuals responsible for the doxing attempt have been vocal detractors of Laci Green in recent weeks.

Green refuses to be silent, and redoubled her efforts in speaking out against social justice orthodoxy today. She expressed that feminists’ tendency to declare any sort of dissent as “harm” came at the expense of trauma survivors.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.