Skittles Issues All-White Candy for Pride Month and Is Immediately Blasted for Racism

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:24 pm, June 15, 2017
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Skittles’s marketing department had a genius idea to celebrate Pride Month: remove their trademarked “rainbow” of colors from their candy out of respect for the rainbow pride flag.

Unfortunately, it seems, Skittles’s marketing department failed to consult the Internet to see if their tribute was appropriate, and the all-white candy was immediately labeled “racist,” and a symbol of “white supremacy.

Although the white Skittles “controversy” seems ripe for trolling, it appears all of the above Twitter users were being completely serious.

It’s an odd thing to get angry about, of course. White is merely the absence of color. When Skittles removed the color, they were left with plain-looking candies. The real tragedy here is that, with these limited edition Skittles packs, its now impossible to differentiate one color from another, so you can’t filter out the gross lime-flavored ones.

Fortunately for Skittles, there are enough Skittles lovers out there to give the brand some cover and provide a robust defense. Sales of the all-white Skittles packages also benefit pro-LGBT charities, so the company isn’t simply making a political statement without backing it up with action.

As for the Skittles brand, well, this isn’t the first time the fruit-flavored rainbow candy has faced down a political scandal. Last year, Donald Trump, Jr., used a theoretical poisoned bowl of Skittles to illustrate a problem with the Syrian refugee crisis, and Trayvon Martin was carrying a pack of Skittles when he was shot, sparking a national conversation about race and self-defense.