Slate Attacks DC Newseum for Holding Trump Inauguration Party

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By Kieran Corcoran | 5:03 am, December 28, 2016

Liberal mouthpiece Slate has attacked the news and journalism museum in Washington, DC for holding a Trump inauguration party – suggesting the move means it doesn’t actually care about freedom of the press.

The site ran a hit post this week, mocking the Newseum as a “museum supposedly dedicated to free speech” for using its Pennsylvania Avenue address to let guests watch Trump’s parade pass by on January 20th.

Writer Jeremy Stahl listed details of the $500-a-head event, accompanied by snippets of the President-elect attacking the press during his campaign and his threats to make it easier to sue media organizations for libel.

He also notes, with some distaste, that catering will take the form of “an all-American chili bar with all the fixin’s”.

The implication is that a museum to mass media, which boasts a four-story stone plaque inscribed with the First Amendment, should protest Trump by refusing to observe his ascent to the White House.

Slate acknowledges that the Newseum, which opened its present location in 2008, held events both times Barack Obama won elections.

Since then, the faith of the American public in mainstream media has plunged precipitously – to the point that 68% of the general public, and 86% of Republicans, lack faith in major outlets to behave in an unbiased way.

Heat Street would suggest that for the Newseum to stage a virtue-signalling protest after an unwelcome election result would only deepen this divide.

As Allen H Neuharth, a founder of USA Today and the Newseum itself, says on another stone inscription in the building: “The First Amendment guaranteed a free press. We in the media must make sure it is a fair one”.

Featured image via Flickr/NCinDC