Sideboob Blog Huffington Post Publishes Left Wing Case for Whites Only State

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By William Hicks | 3:09 pm, November 28, 2016
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The Huffington Post (better known as the preeminent sideboob blog of our era) has a section of the site where contributors are are basically able to publish whatever the hell they want without the nagging of lamestream media editor. And this obviously leads to some batshit crazy content.

Like this “modest proposal,” an enthusiastic, leftist case for an ethnically divided “two state solution” for the United States.

Following Trump’s victory, the author sees no choice for America but to Balkanize the country and give the white nationalists their own “safe space.”

So, in the interest of giving most Americans what they what, I again offer what I’ve previously called the 36th Parallel, or Two-State Solution. An amicable disunion so the white enthno-nationalist supremacists can have their own land, their own “safe space,” (as much as they revile that phrase), and diverse America can be free in its own country.

The 36th parallel is 4 notches down from the Mason Dixon line and would basically give them the entire South including Los Angeles for some reason.

usa map


Ironically, this is a similar idea proposed by white supremacists who also think a white ethnostate is just super rad. Except their map is a bit different.



This kind of insanity is just another reason Horse Shoe Theory continues to be the preeminent way to understand the fringes of America.

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