Scott Adams Asked Trump Supporters to Report Threats They’d Received, and They Did

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By Kyle Foley | 3:48 pm, September 30, 2016

Dilbert comics creator Scott Adams was one of the few public figures, months ago, to forecast Donald Trump‘s rise, and often tweets about the candidate. He’s become a Trump supporter, although he says he endorsed Hillary Clinton for his own safety.

Adams and other Trump supporters believe that backing the Republican nominee comes with some risks. He wanted to see what his followers had experienced in an effort to prove his hypothesis, so this week he sent out a tweet asking Trump supporters to give him examples of when they’d been threatened or attacked because of their backing for the Republican nominee.

His tweet garnered lots of responses, and reports of verbal and even physical abuse (though, of course, the claims cannot easily be verified). Here’s a sampling:

@ScottAdamsSays Had to take the #TrumpPence16 sticker off my car because I had my windows broken in 3 times.

— James (@Merked8) September 29, 2016

Adams also received a response from the developer of the game Gone Home, Steve Gaynor, a social justice warrior and Trump hater.