Mazal Tov? Schools Advised to Bake a Cake to Celebrate Transgender Students’ ‘Transition’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 7:36 am, April 14, 2017
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Schools in Britain were advised to give transgender students a cake to mark their “transition”, adding that teachers should learn how to deal with an “explosion” of students who are becoming transgender.

During the Association of Teachers and Lecturers conference this week, delegates were told that changing attitudes in society mean a “huge” increase in the number of transgender and non-binary people in classrooms, The Telegraph reported.

Terry Reed, a campaigner for transsexual rights, told the conference: “Five years ago, hardly anyone in school or in university would come across a young trans person, but it’s changed substantially.”

The campaigner advised teachers to send an “upbeat” message to transgender students and suggested schools should celebrate students’ transition with “celebratory” event like baking a cake with their new trans name.

“It doesn’t have to be cake, it’s just making it an upbeat, ‘we’re absolutely behind you and with you’ message immediately, so that it doesn’t get downbeat,” she added.

Reed also suggested schools to introduce transitioning students to their new toilet facilities. “If there are still boys’ and girls’ toilets and she’s going to be using the girls’ toilets, it’s quite helpful just to familiarize her before that actually happens.

“Take her in when there’s nobody else there and let her look around so that she feels familiar with the surrounding.” The campaigner said it’s the parents of other children who are most likely creating fuss about transgender people using toilet faciilities they wish rather than students themselves.

“If other parents are going to be told, this is a much trickier issue—parents are always the worry aren’t they? The kids are okay,” she continued. “If they’re going to be told again it needs to be done in a positive, well informed way.”

Reed also told the conference that “it is true that sometimes the children will copy the other [trans]  children for fun, just to experiment a bit, but if they’re not trans  it’s not going to stick.”

A gender expert in Australia has recently come out to say that teenagers are becoming transgender because it’s trendy. Psychiatrist Stephen Stathis said that young people are “trying out being transgender” to get attention from their peers.

“One said to me, ‘Dr. Steve … I want to be transgender, it’s the new black,” he recalled.