Rutgers Feminist, ‘Beyonce Expert’ Prof Visited by NYPD Over Anti-Trump Twitter Threats

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By Emily Zanotti | 11:41 am, November 17, 2016

A Rutgers professor who made disparaging remarks about conservatives, the 2nd Amendment, and Donald Trump on Twitter, says he was forced by the NYPD to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after a student complained that he felt “threatened.”

Kevin Allred, a self-described “feminist professor” who teaches Rutgers’s class on “Politicizing Beyonce,” says that he was targeted in “Trump’s America” for a rhetorical question he posed on Twitter about buying a gun, despite the fact that Donald Trump has yet to be sworn in as President.

Allred deleted the Tweet that, apparently, caused the controversy:


The day after Trump’s election victory, Allred Tweeted, “If I see any Trump bumper stickers on the road today, my brakes will go out and I’ll run you off the road.” He followed it up with a video of a man burning a flag.

Allred also says that he mentioned burning the flag in class. Rutgers told that a student complained to the administration about Allred’s comments and behavior, triggering an investigation and, ultimately, the NYPD’s involvement.

Allred says authorities weren’t interested in arresting him for the “threats,” but insisted that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation. He says he spent two hours undergoing tests at a local psychiatric facility before he was released with a clean bill of mental health.

According to NYPD, they were simply doing a “a wellness check … on the professor based on comments he made in the classroom and on Twitter about killing white people.” Rutgers says they believe they acted appropriately, and that they will continue to do everything in their legal power to keep students safe.

Despite his never being technically under arrest, his never being admitted to a psychiatric facility, his not being targeted by Donald Trump in any observable way, nor, apparently, being deterred from using social media to describe his ordeal in detail, Allred’s case was immediately adopted as proof positive that a crackdown on “free speech” was underway.

Hysterical Tweets ensued immediately.

It is worth noting that Rutgers University, which triggered the incident based on a student’s complaint, is among those schools asking to remain a “sanctuary” campus, declaring that it will be a “safe space” for students looking to escape Donald Trump’s policies.

Allred was back on duty Wednesday, no worse for wear, teaching giving his regularly scheduled lecture on “Women and Gender Studies.” He has also returned to Twitter to give his thoughts on the comparative propriety of his psychiatric exam.

Perhaps he can incorporate his thoughts on the matter into next semester’s Beyonce syllabus.