Think Tank: Russia May Orchestrate ‘Mass Sex Attacks by Migrants’ to Swing German Elections

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By Kieran Corcoran | 12:20 pm, December 14, 2016

The Russian and Syrian governments have the ability to orchestrate sex attacks by migrants designed to change the outcome of elections, it has been claimed.

The regimes have the capacity to deploy rapists and even engineer mass sex crimes, according to an expert political analyst.

Gustav Gressel, told Heat Street that the Russian FSB (the agency formerly known as the KGB) could even cause events like the recent mass sex attacks in Cologne to shift public opinion.

The Cologne attack — which saw 1,000 women report sexual assault on New Year’s Eve in the German city — has had a profound effect on German politics. (Police officers are pictured above guarding the city in the days after the attack)

It is one of a series of events which has destroyed public confidence in longtime German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy, which saw her welcome around one million migrants into the country.

This in turn has driven the Eurosceptic Alternative Fuer Deutschland party to new heights of popularity, and has seen Merkel herself pursue more hardline policies like her recently suggested burqa ban.

Gressel, a policy expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations, did not go so far as to claim that sex attacks orchestrated by foreign powers are happening already — but said that German security services must prepare for the possibility, as it is within the powers of agencies like the FSB to make it happen.

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency warned last week that Russia is already trying to interfere – and Gressel says this is an extreme case scenario for what could happen.

Gressel said:

The German security services need to prepare for a very large margin of things.
And such groping attacks are the worst thing to happen.

In Germany you have no legislation on sexual harassment. It taps into a legislative void – if people have not stolen or raped anybody, you have the huge public outcry, but nobody can do much because it’s not a criminal offence.

Such groping attacks are not high-risk because the punishment is not high.
It’s very hard to investigate.

The Russian are always trying to split the political system, and refugees are the most divisive issue in Germany.

The next German federal election runs from August to October next year.