‘RIP Stern Show!’ Howard Stern Torched for Hosting Amy Schumer

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 1:48 pm, May 3, 2017
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Amy Schumer is very much still a  pop cultural topic of conversation. But is she bad for business?

Veteran shock jock Howard Stern had Schumer as a guest on his Sirius XM Radio show to promote her new movie Snatched and social media reverberated with the sound of protest.

Some saw the hyper-sensitive liberal being feted as further proof that the more libertarian Stern is going leftist and politically correct at the age of 63.

Others had issues with Schumer and her agenda. “Amy Schumer is TERRIBLE!!” tweeted The Tuell Man. “Even Stern can’t make Schumer tolerable anymore,” reckoned The Happy Ninja.

“Stern machine is working hard for Amy S. what’s the connection? Howard used to be honest when comedians tanked,” queried William Wilson. He’s onto something. Legend has it that Judd Apatow cast Schumer in her movie breakthrough Trainwreck after hearing her on Stern’s show.

“How long into interview do we get before poor Neflix ratings are blamed on misogyny?” asked Grand Moff. Actually it was tame stuff from Schumer  this time around with the biggest reveal being that she leaves huge tips.

But Stern fans had tips of a very different kind for his show…