Two Charged With Attempted Murder for Stabbing Pro-Trump Bodyguard

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By William Hicks | 1:35 pm, June 21, 2017
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Last Sunday, the bodyguard of prominent alt right figureTim Gionet AKA Baked Alaska was stabbed nine times by two men in Santa Monica, California. According to Gionet, his bodyguard is “recovering well,” in the hospital but the attack has raised questions if it was political or even racially motivated.

Antonio “Tony” Foreman was leaving a pro-Trump “free speech rally” in Los Angeles called “Based in LA.” Foreman went to a bar with another prominent figure in the Trump-supporting right, Kyle Chapman AKA Based Stick Man. After leaving the bar the two got in an argument with two Armenian men in a parking garage. The altercation became violent.

Here is the summary of the encounter from Lieutenant Saul Rodriguez of the Santa Monica Police Department:

On June 17, 2017 at about 11:06 p.m., Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) officers responded to a radio call for service at the 100 block of Colorado Blvd. regarding a stabbing that just occurred.  A victim was discovered lying on the sidewalk suffering from multiple stab wounds.   The victim was treated at the scene by Santa Monica Fire Department Paramedics and transported to a local hospital for treatment.   The victim remains hospitalized in stable condition.

A preliminary investigation revealed as the victim was attempting to exit parking Structure 8 – 215 Colorado Ave, the victim drove up behind the suspect vehicle, which was at the pay station.  The suspect vehicle was occupied by 2 male suspects. The victim and suspects got into an argument that continued as both vehicles pulled out of the parking structure and allegedly resulted in a minor traffic collision.  The vehicles continued westbound on Colorado Avenue.  As the vehicles reached the 100 block of Colorado Blvd., the victim’s vehicle abruptly stopped in front of the suspect vehicle.  The victim and suspects exited their vehicles and confront each other in the roadway.  One of the suspects stabbed the victim and a fight ensued during which the victim is stabbed multiple times.  The suspects returned to their vehicle and fled the location.

At about 11:23 p.m., SMPD received a related radio call indicating the possible suspects involved were at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.  Officers responded and took both suspects into custody.  The suspect vehicle was located in the Emergency Room parking area.  The suspects have been identified as Khodzhasaryan, Edgar (30 year male from Glendale) and Bekverdyan, Arsen (31 year male from Burbank).

The two suspects have been charged with “attempted murder” and are in custody. Bail wa set at $1 million.

“SMPD has not received any information indicating the incident was racially or politically motivated,” Rodriguez said.

Foreman and his friends disagree with that claim.

Baked Alaska claims on Twitter the two men who attacked Foreman called him a cracker and said, “You’re getting the shank white boy,” before stabbing him. Many Trump supporters on Twitter are speculating the altercation arose because of the “patriotic,” pro-Trump bumper stickers on Foreman’s truck.

The alt right crowdfunding site, Wesearchris raising money for Foreman, who apparently has no health insurance. The posting claimed Foreman was a “victim of a vicious anti-white hate crime, that almost became an anti-white murder.”

Foreman was a member of the Oathkeepers, a rightwing militia of veterans who provide security at some pro-Trump rallies.

The discussion on social media devolved into a debate about whether or not the Armenian attackers should be considered white. Popular Twitter moron Tariq Nasheed, who considers the Cosby trial a white supremacist witch hunt, claims the attack was a hoax because Armenians are white people.

Baked Alaska responded by saying Armenians are not white.

The actual answer to this question has been hotly debated for years, mostly over whether Kim Kardashian is a “women of color” because she’s Armenian. The jury is still out on this one…

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