Student Gets Perfect Score for Drawing Elephant Pooping on Trump for Class Project

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By Joe Simonson | 4:41 pm, June 8, 2017
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An 11-year-old middle schooler in Stevensville, Maryland received a 100 percent on a school project after he drew a picture of a Republican elephant taking a big dump on President Donald Trump’s stupid, yellow head.

The cartoon, entitled “Dump Trump Out of Office,” was what Jake Smith chose to draw when assigned the task of making a “political sign.”  In response, Smith challenged traditional boundaries of political satire with his scatological work.

Like the public’s initial reception of Pablo Picasso, not everyone was happy with Smith’s work. His father, James Smith, angrily wanted to know why his son’s teacher gave him such a stellar mark for such a piece of subversive art and argued that the high grade would only encourage his son to criticize the president.

Like good stalwarts of high culture, Smith’s teacher wouldn’t take apologize for the work and asked Smith if he wanted the grade to be lowered.

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools released the following statement on the drama:

“As professional educators, our teachers have discretion over lesson planning, student assignments, and how they grade student work. If a parent is unhappy with a grade or other aspect of their child’s studies, or in regard to classroom discipline, they may discuss their concern with the teacher. And if they aren’t satisfied with teacher’s response, they may certainly address the matter with the principal or even pursue it under the formal QACPS complaint process. However, we are not legally permitted to comment publicly on the details of a specific student’s academic performance or disciplinary record.”

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