BREAKING: Journalists Find Racism on Internet: Harriet Tubman Edition

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By Andrew Stiles | 11:01 am, April 21, 2016
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Harriet Tubman will appear on the new $20 bill, bumping Andrew Jackson to the back, and there are morons who say racist and/or sexist stuff on the Internet.

The first part of that sentence is news; the second part is not. It’s not even a “dog bites man” story—more like “dog defecates in yard.” But that hasn’t stopped brave journalists from turning it into an entire clickworthy genre of reporting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Thing happens involving race and/or gender
  2. Trawl internet for racist/sexist morons commenting on thing
  3. Publish and share on the Internet! was all over the “story,” which was also picked up by the Yahoo! Style, for whatever reason.

mic tubman

The article consists of African-American users calling Tubman “ugly” on Twitter, egg avatar accounts using the n-word, and a handful of idiots on Facebook and Twitter moaning about food stamps and “Obama’s War on Whites.”

“America made history today, so naturally, this happened,” reads the headline of Mic’s Facebook post, which has been shared more than a thousand times.

Another site,, got thousands of shares for its own, more colorful take on the subject:

tubman occupy

Other notable (and widely shared) examples of the genre include:

  • Racists Urge Boycott of “Star Wars: Episode VII”Over Black Lead, and Most of Them Love Trump (Daily Beast)
  • 10 Incredibly Racist “Hunger Games” Fans (BuzzFeed)
  • A Lot of People Are Very Upset That an Indian-American Woman Won the Miss America Pageant (BuzzFeed)
  • Here’s How Racists on Twitter Reacted to Joel Ward’s Series-Winning Goal Against Boston (Deadspin)

Few can top this story from 2015, when a CBS affiliate in Dallas sent a team to interview a local woman who wrote a Facebook post about why “a female shouldn’t be president.”