Troll Attacks Carrie Fisher: ‘Let Her Get Sick / Die’

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 4:00 pm, December 26, 2016

When Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack earlier this week, many of her fellow entertainers and fans were quick to express their love for her, sending thoughts and prayers to her family and wishing for her to pull through and live.

Fisher, who is currently in intensive care, has received endless support on social media. This has, for reasons no rational person can comprehend, raised the ire of Shanley Kane, a self-described “culture critic.” We previously wrote about Shanley when she was outraged at use of the term “daddy.” Shanley claims it is cultural appropriation of the LGBT community.

In a series of tweets today, Shanley expressed indignation at anyone who wanted Carrie Fisher to survive. She was prompted by a popular tweet that read, “Carrie Fisher survived, alcoholism, addiction, depression, bipolar disorder & 60 years in Hollywood. If anyone can survive 2016, it’s her.”

“F***, after all that women still have to stay alive despite incredible medical circumstances… to what?” Shanley began. “Live up to the hero narrative? Give you hope everlasting? Prove we can take all manners of bulls*** and abuse and hardship and thrive?”

“Let women live,” concluded Shanley. “But also let women f***ing get sick/die without all this pressure to perform inhumanly against all odds.”

Twitter users mocked her tweets—including those on the progressive left who normally support her views.

“Treating illness is literal violence,” wrote a user named @alexjs85.

“Shanley sneaking into her bedroom to smother Carrie Fisher to death,” wrote another.

Immediately after tweeting her outrage at supporters of Carrie Fisher, Shanley launched into a tirade about Teen Vogue, the magazine that’s been making headlines these past few days for its “woke” political commentary.

Shanley’s issue with the magazine, which is geared towards teenage girls, isn’t that it is political or that she disagrees with their progressive views. Instead, she is outraged that the magazine hires adult writers.

“There’s so much bulls*** abuse and disenfranchisement and plagerism (sic) and condescension and profiteering and exploiting of teens by adults,” she wrote.

“Allowing adults to run and enormously profit off publications for teen girls is f**ked up,” she continued. “Teens can write just fine and usually better than adults given support and resources. Why should any person who isn’t a teen be a ‘Teen Vogue’ writer?”

During her tirade, Shanley also referred to parenting as “control violence,” decrying the criticism she was receiving for her inane social commentary.

Mockery was in short order, prompting the culture critic to lock her Twitter account for the time being. Just imagine what would happen if she learned where children’s books come from.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken game critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.