Pro-Trump Students at Babson Cleared After False Harassment Claims

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By Kyle Foley | 10:32 pm, December 19, 2016

Two Babson College students who were alleged to have yelled racial slurs at black women during a celebration of Donald Trump’s election victory have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

After the election, Parker Rand-Ricciardi and Edward Tomasso decided to go out and celebrate their candidate’s win. They did so by driving onto the nearby Wellesley campus, an all-women college, with a Trump flag flying proudly.

Students at Wellesley, however, told a different story.  Rand-Ricciardi and Tomasso, they said, spit on a student and shouted “racial and homophobic slurs while parked in front of the Harambee House, an on-campus gathering place traditionally meant for African American students.” As a result of that, the two students were told to leave the Babson campus and not return until Dec. 11.

But no one was ever able to prove that the two students did anything other than yell “Make America Great Again.”

On Monday, the school officially ruled that Rand-Ricciardi and Tomasso did nothing wrong. Babson did not, however, apologize to the students for Babson President Kerry Healey’s apology to Wellesley, or for several professors signing a letter condemning the now-disproven actions on the night of Nov. 8.

“This has been an extremely difficult, painful five weeks for Parker and his family, one that has naturally taken a toll on them,” Jeffrey Robbins, Rand-Ricciardi’s attorney said in a statement. “They are grateful for the kindness and support of so many people, including both friends and complete strangers.”

Tomasso’s attorney, Brad Bailey, said that “Babson College certainly had a system in place to deal with allegations like this and he trusted in the system. (Tomasso)  is extremely happy that his name has been cleared of allegations that were completely untrue and had no basis in fact.”