Princeton to Fight the President by Putting on ‘Anti-Trump Ballet’

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By William Hicks | 2:28 pm, May 4, 2017

Donald Trump must be shaking right now.

A professor at Princeton University figured out the best way to fight back against Trump’s intolerance and anti-immigration policies: 1920s ballet! Because nothing bashes fascists harder than effeminate dancing.

Simon Morrison, a music professor, is reviving a rare 1921 ballet called Within the Quota, written by composer Cole Porter. Porter originally wrote the ballet to protest a 1921 immigration law which limited the number of immigrants coming into the United States based on their country of origin.

“Given the political situation, I realized a complaint against immigration restrictions was apropos,” Morrison told the AP.

The ballet will apparently get a 2017 update. The original version told the story of an immigrant landing on Ellis island who meets various American characters, such as an heiress, a cowboy, a jazz musician. The new edition will replace these characters with a Wall Street banker, liberal and alt-right media, a Black Lives Matter activist and a heroin addict.

The show is happening tonight with tickets a cool 25 bucks. Seems a little steep, but that’s the cost of #resisting these days.