Portland’s Anti-Trump Protest Chief Charged With Sexual Abuse of Teenage Boy

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 9:43 am, January 31, 2017

One of the key figures behind the anti-Trump protests in Portland, Oregon has been taken into custody and is facing sexual abuse charges after a police investigation into his relationship with a teenage boy, according to local media outlets.

Micah Rhodes, a ring-leader of Portland’s Resistance that led disorderly anti-Trump protests, was expected in court Monday. KGW reports that sexual abuse accusations are statutory, non-forced rape.

According to KOIN.com, the 23-year-old activist is a registered sex offender and was previously arrested for disorderly conduct during the anti-Trump protests after the election.

Rhodes was arrested at an anti-Trump protest on January 25. He was interviewed by PPB Sex Crimes detectives and admitted having sex with an underage male.

The leader of the resistance group allegedly met the teenage boy on gay dating app Grindr. The teenager informed police that Rhodes knew he was a minor before they had sexual intercourse.

According to a detective’s affidavit, Rhodes had “reservations about getting in trouble” for having sex with a minor, but decided to proceed anyway and had sex in 2015 when the victim was 17. The teen claimed the sexual activities were consensual.

Along with these accusations against Rhodes, KOIN.com also reported that the activist is accused of having sex with an underage female, which he admitted, while he was being held on January 25.

The police spoke with an alleged female victim who said that Rhodes was aware she was a minor when the sexual activity occurred.