Portland Police Confiscate Weapons From Antifa, Make Arrests During ‘Free Speech Rally’

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By Joe Simonson | 8:40 pm, June 4, 2017

Three people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday after protesters clashed with police during a free speech rally near City Hall and various parks in the city.

Hundreds of people gathered for what started out as a celebration of free speech and morphed into a battle between pro- and anti-Trump camps. The gathering was also aimed at memorializing the horrific hate crime that left two men dead in a stabbing on a Portland train last week.

At the beginning of the day, pro-Trump organizer Joey Gibson called those who died heroes for their bravery in defending two young teenage girls from a bigoted attack. “Find it in yourself to make this day possible, with no hate and no violence. I’m sick and tired of the hatred … that has taken over the country,” Gibson said.

The pro-free speech rally attracted a number of familiar faces at other, similar demonstrations from around the country.  At one point in the afternoon, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman gave a speech to supporters.

Despite pleas for peace and nonviolence, police confiscated a number of weapons from protesters, mainly from the Antifa and anti-Trump camps.

In one video, police can be seen storming an anarchist camp while protesters yell expletives and insults.

In another video, an apparent pro-Trump activist lights an anarchist’s flag on fire.

The Oregonian uploaded footage of police deploying flash-bangs and tear gas in order to disperse black-masked individuals protesting in a public park.

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