Popular Blogger Says He Has No Sympathy for Warmbier Because Hollywood Made ‘The Interview’

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 9:40 am, June 25, 2017

Otto Warmbier and his family don’t deserve sympathy because a couple of Hollywood actors made a movie that poked fun at Kim Jong Un, according to Ranier Maningding, an Internet personality better known as “Love Life of an Asian Guy.”

Sharing his views to over 200,000 of his followers, the popular Facebook social justice advocate has taken aim at Warmbier, the 22-year-old University of Virginia student who died after spending a year and a half in a North Korean prison. He had been sentenced a 15 years for allegedly removing a North Korean poster during a trip there.

Ranier Maningding, ‘Love Life of an Asian Guy’

Writing on Nextshark, Maningding argues that firing squads, political censorship and social oppression in North Korea aren’t things to joke about. So when Seth Rogen and James Franco used these heinous subjects as material for their 2015 fictional comedy The Interview, it lost all white people the right to seek empathy for the death of Warmbier, who returned to the United States in a braindead state following his incarceration.

“I mean, fuck the bloodshed and torture of actual North Koreans murdered by Kim Jong-Un, and let’s ignore the thousands of Korean-Americans who still have relatives living under the North Korean regime. Forget the strident criticisms from Asian-Americans who repeatedly said, DO NOT MAKE THIS RACIST, INSENSITIVE-AS-FUCK MOVIE!” [emphasis is Maningding’s]

Otto Warmbier

“Nah. We made a movie about North Korea anyways because ‘fuck political correctness and fuck those Korean g***ks, we’re Americans and we do what we want!’” he says in his rant [emphasis is Maningding’s]. “Welp. Guess what? Otto Warmbier, the White student sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor for stealing a propaganda poster from a North Korean hotel lobby, also thought he could do whatever the fuck he wanted. So he thought.”

The Interview

“Didn’t Asians tell you this shit would happen?” Maningding asks. “Now that a White man died at the hands of North Korea you want us to shed a salty tear and give you a piece of our sympathy? No thanks, I’ll pass.”

The rest of the post is filled with mockery for Warmbier, whose alleged actions somehow justify his death. The author repeats himself multiple times to share his disdain for Warmbier and gloats over it, at times invoking the death of Trayvon Martin and the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

“We’ve reached a point where our humanity has been stripped to the bone, and we have nothing left for you, or Otto Warmbier,” says Maningding. “Find sympathy elsewhere.”


Maningding’s inhumanity towards an innocent man isn’t particularly shocking given his disdain for white people. In 2016, the writer blamed Stanford rapist Brock Turner’s female victim (and other white women) for being raped. In a popular Facebook post beginning with the line “Brock Turner is your fault,” Maningding wrote: “BROCK IS YOUR BOY, and you BETTER CLAIM HIM.”

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.