Police: ‘Hate Crime’ in Louisiana by Trump Supporters a Hoax

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By Masha Froliak | 6:30 pm, November 11, 2016

Police in Louisiana said Thursday that a Muslim student who claimed she was attacked by two Trump supporters in a vicious hate crime just hours after the election was actually making the whole thing up.

The female student had said she was walking near the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette when she was accosted by the “Trump supporters”, who knocked her to the ground with a metal object, ripped off her hijab and stole her wallet, all while spewing racial slurs. She said one of her attackers was wearing a Trump hat.

The news made national headlines, outraged ACLU of Louisiana and fed into the fresh panic in some quarters that Trump’s election might spike hostile acts against minorities.



Charlie Bier, a spokesman for the University, told the Associated Press that a federal privacy law prohibits him from saying whether the hoaxer could be disciplined.