Police Cancel Milo Yiannopoulos’ Orlando Speech on Muslims and Gays

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 3:58 pm, June 14, 2016

Citing safety concerns, campus police have canceled a speech by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of Central Florida that he scheduled in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting. In his speech, Milo was going to highlight the dangers he perceives Islam poses to gay people.

The speech was an addition to his “Dangerous Faggot” tour that has electrified conservatives on campus but appalled social justice warriors and sparked protests on campuses where he has appeared. It indirectly resulted in the resignation of DePaul University President Dennis H. Holtschneider following a backlash against Milo being allowed to address the campus last month.

UCF cancelled the speech after campus police said online security threats made against Milo rendered it impossible to regulate.


Milo said he will not be silenced and will instead deliver his talk at a press conference in Orlando tomorrow. He has pledged to pay for private security himself should police refuse to provide security protection.

He told Heat Street: “The college said they could not guarantee my safety from Muslim attackers and they didn’t want the event to go ahead.”

During his speech, Milo planned to elaborate on how the left is wrong to glorify mainstream Muslim culture in view of recent events, adding his message speaks to the tragedy in Orlando in which Omar Mateen shot 49 people dead at a gay nightclub.

He said: “I saw the shootings happen and realized this has been something I’ve been speaking about for a very long time and although I’m constitutionally opposed to saying, ‘I told you so,’ this did strike me as an illustration of something I’ve been warning against for quite some time.

“My aim with the talk was to give a serious and sensitive assessment of how America got to this situation, whether or not it will happen again and what America needs to do to avoid sliding into the horror that Europe is now seeing on a daily basis.”

Milo added: “If the political left keeps lying to people about radical Islam and the threat posed to minorities from this particular religious culture, then people are going to end up hurt.

“It’s very clear from the panic and hysteria in that nightclub that nobody was ready for this, nobody was prepared, nobody saw it coming. There are some problems in American society and in particular an Islam problem.”

“Muslims don’t like gays very much—I’m not talking about terrorists,  I’m talking about Muslims,” said Milo, who is gay himself. “This is a surprise to our esteemed media, who clutch their pearls and look slack-jawed in horror when you dare to say something like that but it is simply a fact. The more dishonest we are about that, the more people we’re putting in the firing line.”