Pizzagate Theorists Believe They’ve Found Damning New Evidence in Katy Perry Music Video

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By William Hicks | 4:00 pm, March 6, 2017

What do pizza, ping pong and ice cream all have in common?

You guessed it: loose ties to the shadowy conspiracy theory known as Pizzagate, whose adherents believe that high-level Democratic operatives are implicated in a city-wide child-sex ring that operates in the tunnels beneath Washington, D.C., pizzerias.

The keepers of the flame of this theory have not had many breakthroughs since leaked John Podesta emails revealed some pretty strange exchanges between the Hillary campaign manager and other Democratic operatives involving pizza.

But this pizza-related theorizing hasn’t gone cold quite yet. And now there’s a new, piping-hot revelation.

In the cheesy world of Pizzagate, everything is a coded message. That’s why Hillary Clinton surrogate Katy Perry’s 2014 video, This Is How We Do, is being reexamined with fresh eyes. The recent comments on its YouTube video mostly accuse it of promoting the behavior of “pizza-loving pedophiles.”

This Is How We Do apparently contains copious scenes of dancing pizza and ice cream. The pop icon herself dons a pepperoni pizza swimsuit and pizza slice earrings.

While this would seem like banal trivialities to the unenlightened observer, Pizzagaters have developed a code to parse out the real meaning of casual food items.

“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“cheese” = little girl
“pasta” = little boy
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” = person of color
“map” = semen
“sauce” = orgy

So Perry’s video not only includes references to little girls, but also to male prostitutes!

But this “through the looking glass” nightmare gets even scarier! The astute Pizzagate YouTuber William Ramsey made a video pointing to even more coded messages in the “occult Hollywood” music video.

According to the Ramsey, This Is How We Do features multiple men dressed up as Pee Wee Herman. The actor who played Pee Wee, Paul Reubens, was arrested in 2002 on child pornography charges. The video also includes Katy Perry playing ping pong. The pizzeria at the center of the Pizzagate conspiracy is called “Comet Ping Pong.” A background dancer is wearing a shirt with a smiley face and the numbers 666, the mark of the beast. Katy Perry has Hollywood connections. Hollywood is the site of an alleged massive pedophile ring coverup, as alluded to by Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman. 

And why does Perry keep saying “This is no big deal” as the hook of the song? Because, of course, it’s a big deal.

Perry also invited a child onstage during a concert and fed her pizza. 



But Perry isn’t the only pop star with an affinity for pizza-themed clothing. Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account is full of pizza pictures, prompting many experts to theorize ties to Pizzagate.

“It’s not hard to start connecting the dots when it comes to these celebrities, because we know they were involved in this Satanic system, some of which were born into it,” said the Pizzagate YouTuber Sandman in a video. “Miley Cyrus was obviously born into it, her father likely to be the handler. What happens is when they’re a part of these child pedophilia rings as kids and victims of MK Ultra mind control, at a certain age, they go from being abused to becoming abusers.”

So is truly disconcerting that popular celebrities would make so many references to such a charged food item as pizza.

So whether you like pineapple or anchovies as a topping, we can all agree that something smells fishy on this pizza.

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