Philadelphia’s Internet Yardsale is The Best Thing on The Web

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:01 pm, July 7, 2017
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Heat Street has done a surprising amount of reporting on Philadelphia, from college social-justice boot camps to Black Lives Matter activism, covering colorful characters including a hammered city employee caught on camera spray-painting anti-Trump graffiti on private property, a union boss deploying a drone against his foes, and a police officer with Nazi-associated tattoos.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, we’ve discovered Internet Yardsale Philadelphia, which is—beyond a shadow of a doubt—the very best thing on the World Wide Web.

Internet Yardsale Philadelphia isn’t your average online junk sale. It’s a fount of wit, oddity and surprising honesty. It’s also more addictive than Twitter, and probably better for your soul. And occasionally, it collides into feminism and social justice, in the most NSFW of ways.

For months, we’ve been culling our absolute favorite postings. Here they are.

Shoes That May Kill Someone

A Purse That Is Covered In Cat Hair

Earrings That Could Be Used to Clone A Mom

The Opportunity To Be A Unicorn

Petty Crime?

People Who Are Really Honest About Why They’re Selling Stuff

An Adjustable-Height Orchid

A “Small Sh*tty Amp”

Terrifying masks


A Cabbage Patch Kid In The Nude

Adult Onesies

A “Big Ass Mirror”

A Fishtank You Can’t Fill With Water Because It’s Cracked

A Lot Of Emotional Baggage

Enjoy. And you’re so welcome.